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Invisible Braces in Alpharetta, GA

Dr. Dierkes performs invisible braces for residents of Alpharetta, GA. Under Dr. Dierkes’s gentle care, numerous patients have been able to obtain the perfectly straight smiles that they have always desired. Dr. Dierkes’s office is dedicated to not only helping patients improve their dental issues for cosmetic reasons but for overall health reasons as well.

What are Invisible Braces?
Invisible braces are braces that essentially cannot be seen. Many people opt for invisible braces because they make it so that nobody needs to know that they are receiving dental treatment for their crooked or misaligned teeth. Certain people may be candidates for invisible braces, which eliminate the need for them to get traditional metal braces that some people view as cosmetically unpleasing.

How are Invisible Braces Applied?
Invisible braces have the same purpose as traditional metal braces: to straighten teeth. However, the manner in which they accomplish this is different from that of traditional braces. Whereas traditional braces require metal to be affixed to the teeth and then that the braces be tightened periodically, invisible braces consist of a series of invisible aligners or trays that are custom designed for each patient’s teeth. Patients simply place the aligners over their teeth and change them out every week or few weeks, depending upon the treatment plan that has been prescribed to them by their orthodontist.

About Dr. Dierkes
Dr. Dierkes is an acclaimed dental specialist who is known for his innovative techniques and modern approach to dentistry. Not only does Dr. Dierkes address dental issues on the surface, but he considers how they affect every aspect of a patient’s body as well. For instance, Dr. Dierkes considers how the teeth interact with the bone structure and muscle movements of his patients, and he even assists patients with sleep apnea disorders and other health issues that can be related to dental issues. Residents of Alpharetta, GA, might want to consider calling Dr. Dierkes if they wish to determine whether they are candidates for invisible braces.

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