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Invisible Braces in Kennesaw, GA

People who live in Kennesaw, Georgia, will discover that Dr. Dierkes performs invisible braces for children and adults. Dr. Dierkes and our capable staff are ready to provide the expertise that is needed for a fantastic smile. Be sure to contact us in order to receive a fantastic smile and solid teeth that can last a lifetime.

What are Invisible Braces?
Invisible braces are aligners that are clear and realign teeth over a period to predetermined places. Invisible braces do not require a metal band like regular braces. Invisible braces are replaced as teeth realign. The only time clients need to take invisible braces off is for activities like brushing teeth and while eating and drinking.

How are Invisible Braces Applied?
Before anything else, a client from Kennesaw, Georgia, and Dr. Dierkes can meet in order to discuss invisible braces and purpose of them. Once this has been determined, time will be spent taking x-rays, photographs and impressions of the teeth in order for the invisible braces to fit as they should. Our staff stays in contact with the company that creates the invisible braces to ensure that the braces are formed correctly. When we have the invisible braces in our clinic, we make sure it fits well. Keep in mind that the invisible braces will slowly and gently realign teeth to where they need to be. It is a time progression, but our clients see improvement. Over the following months, new invisible braces will be introduced to continue the positive changes within a mouth. Eventually, clients have the smile and mouth that they have wanted.

About Dr. Dierkes
Dr. Dierkes has been serving as an orthodontist for more than 30 years. He is a former professor at Emory University. He received his formal education from institutions that include the University of Michigan and the Kingdom College of Natural Health.

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