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Invisible Braces in Marietta, GA

Dr. Dierkes performs invisible braces for residents of Marietta, GA. People who suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth might be skeptical about seeking treatment for their dental conditions because they fear how they’re going to look with metal in their mouths. This is especially true for older patients who might find it embarrassing for their friends, family members and coworkers to see them with traditional braces. Nowadays, there are invisible braces that take all the embarrassment out of wearing braces.

What are Invisible Braces?
Invisible braces are exactly what their name implies that they are. They work just like braces without anyone being able to see the braces within your mouth. Rather than metal being affixed to your teeth and tightened, invisible braces consist of a series of invisible trays that are custom designed to straighten your teeth in the same manner that traditional braces do. Invisible braces can allow you to receive the beautiful, straight smile that you’ve always dreamed of without having to go through the awkward phase of having a mouthful of metal.

How are Invisible Braces Applied?
Invisible braces are custom made for each patient’s teeth. They consist of a series of clear aligners that are worn in accordance to the patient’s treatment plan. For instance, some patients might have to change their aligners every two weeks, whereas others might wear one aligner for longer or shorter amounts of time. The aligners gradually move your teeth into alignment over the course of treatment.

About Dr. Dierkes
Dr. Dierkes has been in the dental business for more than 30 years, and he is a nationally acclaimed provider of dental services. Don’t wait to get the perfect, straight smile that you’ve always dreamed of and that you deserve. Set up a consultation with Dr. Dierkes today to learn more about straightening your smile with aesthetically pleasing invisible braces.


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