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Invisible Braces in Smyrna, GA

Dr. Dierkes installs invisible braces for residents who live in Smyrna, GA.

What Are Invisible Braces?
Invisible braces in Smyrna, GA is a revolutionary teeth alignment repair system that uses the utmost discretion and comfort. The system consists of a set of clear plastic aligners that correct such problems as under bites, overbites, cross bites and the like. Invisible braces are unique in that patients can remove them for teeth cleaning and meal consumption. Additionally, the aligners are transparent, which provides patients with the ability to have their teeth straightened privately.

How Are Invisible Braces Applied?
Invisible braces in Smyrna, GA begins with an initial visit with the orthodontist. Dr. Dierkes will perform a series of tests to see if a prospective patient is an eligible candidate for invisible braces. The assessment will require X-rays and manual examination of the mouth. The doctor will ask a series of questions, as well. A person who meets the requirements for invisible braces will have an impression, and the doctor will create a custom set of aligners that fit perfectly in his or her mouth. The patient will return to the office to change the aligners every few weeks. The invisible system will repair the malocclusion over the course of time. Invisible braces may fix teeth alignment problems in less than one year.

About Dr. Dierkes
Dr. Michael Dierkes has been providing people with impeccable smiles for more than 30 years. Magazines have recognized him as one of the top 10 orthodontic specialists in the country. He has advanced skills in areas such as TMJ, facial orthopedics, orthodontic strategies, orthodontic treatment, neck pain and more. New patients can have full confidence that Dr. Dierkes will develop the most effective teeth alignment strategy possible. He is a family man and an artistic soul with flawless precision and accuracy.

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