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Braces in Marietta, GA

Dr. Dierkes performs orthodontics for residents of Marietta, GA.

What Are Braces?

Orthodontics, or braces, are a system of metal brackets and wires which put gentle pressure on the teeth. This pressure corrects common problems such as misaligned teeth, tooth spacing issues and bite problems. Children, adults and teens with gaps in their teeth, crooked or crowded teeth, or a bite issue such as crossbite, openbite or underbite can benefit from braces.

How is the Braces Procedure Performed?

The process of attaching braces is very simple. After taking an impression to learn the shape of your teeth, Dr. Dierkes will clean your teeth thoroughly before applying cement to attach the part of the braces that fit directly on your teeth. Once the glue is dry on these metal brackets, he will attach the wires which provide the pressure on your teeth to correct your problem.

You may feel nervous about having your braces put on, but there is nothing to feel anxiety about. Dr. Dierkes will not be drilling into your teeth or doing anything that might cause severe pain. You won’t even need a shot to numb your mouth before having your braces attached.

About Dr. Dierkes

Self Magazine reported that Dr. Dierkes was named one of the top ten orthodontists in the United States by the American Association of Orthodontists. He has been working with children, teens and adults to improve their smiles for over 30 years.

  1. Dierkes returned to private practice in 1985 after a stint as Emory University’s Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthodontics.

As an orthodontist, Dr. Dierkes specializes in comprehensive orthodontic treatment and early orthodontic treatment. He performs surgical orthodontics as well as facial orthopedics. Dr. Dierkes also specializes in treating chronic pain in the head and neck caused by jaw dysfunction such as TMJ or TMD.

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