Orthodontics and TMJ in Roswell, GA

Located in Roswell and serving Sandy Springs, East Cobb, Marietta and the greater Atlanta area, JMD Orthodontics and TMJ offers comprehensive treatment for orthodontic and facial esthetics. By incorporating naturopathic practices with his medical knowledge, Dr. Dierkes treats the patient as a whole, aiming not only to correct the orthodontic or esthetic concerns, but also to improve the patient’s overall health. A holistic approach produces the best possible treatment outcomes for our patients, and establishes lasting results.

Dr. Dierkes has been developing beautiful smiles for his patients for over 30 years. Recognized by the American Association of Orthodontists as one of the top 10 orthodontists in the country, he specializes in early orthodontic treatment, holistic and comprehensive treatment, nutritional counseling, and treatment of TMJ dysfunctions. For your perfect smile, and improved overall health, choose JMD Orthodontics and TMJ.