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Commit to the journey and commit to enjoying exceptional health and well being – “I asked my friend, Dr. Rhett Bergeron, an integrative physician whose knowledge and expertise I respect and trust, for a specific referral recommendation. He sent me to Dr. J. Michael Dierkes. Immediately fascinated by Dr. Dierkes’ depth of knowledge and experience and his innovative approach, I knew he was the professional I was seeking. I am quite knowledgeable in many areas of natural and integrative health and very disciplined in how I support my health. What I didn’t know was, an unrecognized structural issue from birth was the beginning of a very gradual decline in the health of my spine, jaw and teeth. The lack of knowledge of this type of issue in medical and dental schools made it unlikely I would be informed and properly treated for this condition. The view of dentists back then was to extract permanent teeth to make room for teeth in a smaller jaw, which led to the extraction of four bicuspids. I was raised in a healthy lifestyle and continued further as I studied and learned as an adult. I have been extremely healthy and pain free until my fifties when I began to experience neck pain. For a while, I attributed the neck pain to computer work and stress. While the neck pain remained constant in spite of chiropractic work, Rolfing, acupuncture, and massage, I discovered I was having periodontal issues as well. Because I have been so diligent with my health and oral hygiene, I was puzzled by this periodontal issue.

Enter Dr. Dierkes. First of all, his vast and uncommon knowledge in many areas of optimal health, as well as his willingness to think “outside the box” of conventional “wisdom” was music to my ears!

Not only was Dr. Dierkes very thorough in presenting options regarding surgical recommendations, nutritional supplementation, and the entire orthodontic process, he is an extreme perfectionist!! As a perfectionist myself, this gave me great peace of mind.

As I am nearing the end of my treatment, my eyes well with tears, tears of gratitude for how Dr. Dierkes has walked me through every step of the way of this process. And I am beyond grateful that knowing the level of perfectionist he is, he recently smiled and told me, “I am very pleased with where we’ve arrived. Your x-ray of your jaw placement is textbook perfect!” What he achieved in me many doctors would not even understand much less know how to treat. And after 2 YEARS OF CONSTANT NECK PAIN, I am COMPLETELY PAIN FREE!!! (Oh, and by the way, I am getting many compliments by dentists, hygienists, and friends, of how BEAUTIFULLY ALIGNED my teeth are!!)

If you are a new patient of Dr. Dierkes’ you may have no idea how blessed you are to be able to be treated by Dr. Dierkes!! Not only is he an NMD in addition to orthodontist, he is NOT an ordinary orthodontist, and people like me are more than willing to travel many miles (Dallas to Atlanta) to entrust him with their health and future.

If you are considering becoming a patient with Dr. Dierkes and want the very best health outcome for your life, do whatever you can to become his patient!! Commit to the journey and commit to enjoying exceptional health and well being!!

I thank God every day for bringing me to Dr. Dierkes!” – J.T.

Orthodontist and Health Coach – “Dr. Dierkes has deep knowledge of all things orthodontic (from many years of experience and research). He has also been instrumental in inspiring us to clean up our overall health. Even orthodontic health (and a good looking smile) rests on the building blocks of good nutrition. Thanks, Dr. D for your leadership, knowledge, prompting and support.”

Best Treatment Ever – “I had a dentist and oral surgeon from 2 different towns to recommend Dr. Dierkes for my TMJ problems. I felt that I at least needed to see Dr. Dierkes since these two felt so strongly about him. I live 69 miles from his office. I started seeing him over 2 years ago. He not only treated my TMJ but me as a whole. He is a wonderful person and really cares about his patients. Because of him, I feel much, much better overall. He taught me how to teach myself about my overall health including diet and how it was affecting my life. There are so many people that don’t have a clue as to what the food we eat does to our overall health. Dr. Dierkes and his whole staff are some of the most wonderful people and they enjoy helping people feel better. Thanks Dr. D and entire staff.” – D.L.

Treats the patient holistically – “Dr. Dierkes has been treating my granddaughter for orthodontics and myself for both TMJ and orthodontics. I wouldn’t trust anyone else as he know more about the effects of food allergies on the structure of the body than most doctors and dentists. He has helped us both enormously. We are both looking forward to the ability to chew most effectively with beautiful smiles as the added bonus.”

Best in the U.S. – “It was important to me to find an orthodontist that would take a proactive approach to solving a developing jaw problem on my 6 year old daughter. Dr. Dierkes did more than that. He diagnosed what was CAUSING her jaw to develop the way it was, which in her case was her diet. Yes. Her diet. I was absolutely impresses by Dr. Dierkes’ knowledge and ability to take a holistic view of HER, not only her JAW. We are still in the early stages of treatment but I can see results already. I would recommend Dr. Dierkes and his staff to anyone in a heartbeat.” – G. A.

Works to please his patients – “My wife and I had four children in orthodontics through the years. Dr. Dierkes always tried to allow the children to keep their natural teeth rather than pulling teeth. We liked that about Dr. Dierkes. We had one child who needed extensive orthodontic and jaw work. Dr. Dierkes worked in partnership with an oral surgeon to make sure that our daughter achieved maximum success from a very complicated matter. We were very happy with the outcome. All of our children are now grown and have beautiful smiles and very perfect jaw alignment.”

“After spending almost a year trying to find a holistic orthodontist, I was thrilled to find Dr. Dierkes. We are 7 months into treatment with both of our sons and I have been very pleased thus far. Dr. Dierkes is also a naturopath and I have been very happy with his views on diet, health, dentistry and orthodontia. We chose his office specifically because our dentist was concerned that our 9 year old was at risk of developing TMJ (all orthodontists we met with agreed that it was an issue in his case). Dr. Dierkes is the area expert for treating TMJ and orthodontic issues without pulling teeth and with keeping the body in alignment. He is very concerned about the head/mouth/jaw being in a position of rest and the tongue having the proper amount of space so that mouth breathing is not an issue. He is great with the kids and is accessible for other issues – he is working with me right now on my younger sons eczema issues and had some great advice and naturopathic remedy suggestions that I had not found despite exhaustive searching. If I have questions the staff responds immediately – as does he if you email him personally. I’ve been astounded that my kids have not complained about pain much at all – despite noticeable changes with their palettes expanding and now with their teeth moving.” L.B., received TMJ Treatment

“Dr. Dierkes and his staff are absolutely amazing! They make you feel right at home as soon as you walk through their door. They are kind, fun, understanding, and caring. In fact, Dr. Dierkes is one of the most caring doctors I have ever met. He puts his time, heart, and soul into resolving the causes of your pain and health issues. Dr. Dierkes is an intelligent man who thinks outside the box! Nutrition is his passion and he incorporates it into his practice to better serve his patients. He understands the importance of nutrition in achieving the desired outcome. Dr. Dierkes is also an excellent educator. He laid out his treatment plan for me and explained how my TMJ joints should function. I even learned how he can change an individual’s facial profile by using braces. Even though my braces came off in two years, I already love my new smile. I am grateful for everything Dr. Dierkes has done for me. I no longer suffer from the severe facial and jaw pain that I used to have. If you or your family have any health or TMJ problems, or you just desire a beautiful smile, consult with Dr. Dierkes. You won’t regret it!” D.P., received TMJ Treatment

“When I first came to Dr. Dierkes, I had tried everything to stop my constant headaches. I had struggled for three years and nobody knew what to do. A few months before seeing Dr, Dierkes, my jaw had locked up as well and I could barely open my mouth. Immediately, Dr. Dierkes laid out a plan to relieve my headaches and get my jaw to open again. Within a very few weeks, I could open my mouth and in just a few months my headaches were gone. This practice was an answer to prayer for me. Now, I have no headaches or jaw issues and a beautiful smile as a bonus. Dr. Dierkes is more than an orthodontist. He looks at your overall health issues to get to the root of any issues. I’m so thankful that I found him!” R.P., received TMJ Treatment

“Our family spent a great deal of time, energy, and money searching for the perfect Orthodontist. Our beloved dentist, Dr. Plunkett, whole-heartedly and adamantly referred us to Dr. Dierkes. When we went to see him, our first child was 9 years old. Dr. Dierkes spent a considerable amount of time with us examining our daughter and explaining his treatment plan for her. He wrote up an impressive treatment plan and continued to answer our many questions along the way. While we were impressed by his knowledge, work, and honesty, we chose to take his treatment plan and try to find a closer orthodontist. Our family proceeded to visit 5 other orthodontists, always asking questions based on Dr. Dierkes’s original treatment plan. Over those months, we realized one thing: no t one of those other orthodontists were willing to treat her teeth with the detail, care, and common sense of Dr. Dierkes’s treatment plan. Deciding to make the drive, we chose to do what was best for our daughter and go to Dr. Dierkes. The day our 14 year old got her braces off, our younger daughter was having them put on. That day two things stood out in our minds- 1), We knew our older daughter’s teeth would be straight, but when she got them off, we were WOWED!!! Her smile was amazing! And 2), we were relieved and grateful to have Dr. Dierkes treating our second daughter. As parents, we had spent over a year searching for the perfect orthodontist. We were parents who had done a lot of research and had a lot of questions. Dr. Dierkes always took the time to answer our many questions. He went above and beyond the 5 other orthodontists not only in his treatment plan and in his gentle way of making our daughter feel at ease, but in making sure that we, as parents, felt at comfortable as well! We have learned that choosing the correct orthodontist is essential to long- term stability of the teeth but also for avoidance of future issues. At this point, we have referred others to Dr. Dierkes. Dr. Dierkes is not just absolutely brilliant; he is kind and gentle with the children. He gives them hugs, jokes with them, and makes them feel at ease. Without hesitation, we recommend Dr. Dierkes. He has it all- the impressive education and background, his dedication to his continual education to stay current, the integrity to do what is right for your child, and the kindness, gentleness, and warmth to make this family call Dr. Dierkes part of our family. If you are searching for the perfect orthodontist, you have found him. No matter where you live in Atlanta, make the drive. You will never regret it.” C.A., received Orthodontics

Read What Physicians Have to Say

“Your orthodontic cases are the most expertly finished cases I have ever seen. The aesthetics and functional finishes are extraordinary not to mention the attention to homeostasis.”

Dr. S. H., Gastonia, NC

“…I will be using your methods immediately. I was truly impressed with the way your patients looked during the course of and after treatment had been completed.”

Dr. C. K., Lexington, KY

“Mike, you’re a ‘Giver’s Giver’ and the winner here will be our patients as we give them what you’ve given us. Thanks a million and keep up the great work.”

Dr. J. K., Panama City, FL

“Mike is an in-depth quality person that I feel has the most comprehensive handle on treatment that I have encountered.”

Dr. J. G., Ashville, NC

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