Ages 19 - Adult

Airway management

  • Any obstruction to normal nasal breathing?
  • Assessment using diagnostic images and non-invasive acoustic sound
    waves to determine obstruction
  • Assessment for abnormal tongue position: Ankyglossia
  • Assessment of posture: Tongue ties can have a major impact on the health and function of the jaw joint over time. The head follows the tongue, and if a patient has a tongue tie, this means that the head is tilted low and forward. This posture affects the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM), trapezius muscle, and surrounding muscles, and can result in the following symptoms:
    • Head-forward posture
    • Neck and back pain
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Shoulder pain
    • TMJ/TMD

In circumstances where these symptoms are caused by the tongue tie, the release procedure allows the realignment of the head on the spine. Through exercise, it is possible to retrain the spine and neck to sit in the corrected position and eliminate the pain.

Systemic/nutritional assessments as needed:

LINK – Is Your Tongue-tie Causing Your Health Problems?

Comprehensive orthodontic care using metal, ceramic for Damon system

Clear aligners such as Invisalign or SPARK

Non-extraction orthopedic treatment

Functional jaw orthopedics

Surgical orthodontics as needed

TMJ/Cervical spine/malocclusion integration

Ankyloglossia – what is it?

Ankyloglossia is a medical term for tongue-tie. The tongue is made up of a very complex group of muscles that are important for all oral functions. When the small fold of tissue that extends from the floor of your mouth to the bottom of your tongue is too thick or too short, this abnormality can cause many issues, affecting many daily activities and interfering with normal development both structurally and emotionally.

Not all tongue ties cause functional problems, but may interfere with normal dento-skeletal facial development. Procedures to correct the condition are only necessary if dental and facial skeletal development are leading to the development of a malocclusion or bad bite that will lead to oral functional problems. If you suspect a tongue tie, it is important to see a well versed expert like Dr. Dierkes or an oral myofunctional therapist (OMT).

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