Aligning “Key” Permanent Teeth

After expansion, we then proceed to align “key” permanent teeth in readiness for the development and eruption of the remaining teeth.

images of teeth and alignment of teeth

The four upper and lower front teeth and first molars are referred to as the “key” permanent teeth positioned in such a manner as to maintain space for the remaining permanent teeth.

images of upper and lower front teeth

It is impressive to see the “activity” going on under the surface in the mixed dentition. All of this activity can be “directed” to arrive at the most optimal outcome that has no rival in esthetics, function, maintaining TMJ integrity, and long-term stability.

Treatment in Two Phases:

The primary treatment objectives for a two-phase treatment protocol:

  1. Establish normal airway
  2. Expand the upper and lower arches to make room for all permanent teeth
  3. Reduce any growth discrepancies between the upper and lower jaws
  4. Align certain “key” teeth to facilitate the eruption and favorable positioning of all remaining
    permanent teeth.
  5. Treat the upper and lower jaws together as part of a functional “system.”

What does the last statement mean?

Quite often a provider will expand the upper jaw without doing anything else. If one does not address the deficiency problems elsewhere, such as in the lower jaw, the non-treated area will negatively influence the treatment accomplishments and the expansion to the upper jaw will be lost, for example

NOTE: Narrow upper and lower jaws need to be addressed at the same time!!

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