Narrow Jaw Structure & Expansion

The Upper Jaw

picture of an upper arch (upper dentition) exhibiting an ideal width and shape in one of our orthodontically treated patients.
Images of an upper narrow jaw
examples of a narrow upper jaw
photo of teeth showing treatment progressioin

Treatment progression

a more ideal shape and form of teeth

More ideal shape and FORM

narrow upper arch

Narrow Upper Arch


Approaching a more optimal size and shape

a more ideal shape and form of teeth

Hopefully, these comparisons let's look at examples of a narrow lower arch form:



Whenever you see crowding, the immediate assumption is that the dental arch is too small. These cases are examples of various degrees of arch constriction leading to crowding. In the mixed dentition (combination of “baby” teeth and permanent teeth, you have the best opportunity of keeping all of the permanent teeth through growth guidance using orthopedic devices designed by the orthodontic specialist. Remember, this is best done before all the permanent teeth erupt.

Treatment Progression:

What can one expect the progression to look like during the initial phase of care in a two-phase treatment plan?

treatment progression photos for two phase treatment

A Holistic Approach to Orthodontics

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